National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) publishes results [Video]

Scientists from the National Lung Screening Trial, who originally announced preliminary findings in November 2010, have now published their results, showing a 20 percent reduction in lung mortality among heavy smokers screened with low-dose CT compared to those screened with chest X-ray.

Watch Dr. Richard Fagerstrom, NCI mathematical statistician, discuss the NLST concept design and primary results:

YouTube Preview Image

For more information on these results, view today’s press release.

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8 Responses to “National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) publishes results [Video]”

  1. Jupiter Insurance says:

    All of these cancer/smoking postings are really making me want to quit. It is such a bad addiction, I think you really need to BELIEVE the hype about how bad it is for you to get past the addiction. I am going to continue reading, and I am sure it will make me quit for good this time.

  2. I also wondered about the radiation. Yes, it is finding tumors when they can be treated. But, like mammograms, how many other cancers might it be causing, even low dose?

    A chest X-ray exposes a person to an average of 8 REM.
    Regular chest CT: 700 REM
    Helical CT: I cannot find specifics but I did find a claim that radiation is 30 to 70% less than a typical CT which is still pretty significant.

  3. Damien says:

    Interesting stuff, if people stopped smoking then we won’t need to do as much research. great post & good video. 1/4 of a billion dollars. Couldn’t this be spent more productivly? Stop smoking, it’s bad for all of us!

  4. Dusty White says:

    As a one year cancer free survivor, I salute everyone who is involved in cancer research. As you know, many wish to be wealthier, weigh less, have a better relationship… but a cancer victim only wishes to beat cancer!

  5. Cancer is such an awful disease. I am a caretaker and assist my patient weekly going in for her treatments. Cancer has no age limit….my heart goes out to all…. the children to the eldest ones. I only hope a cure is found in my life time. We have lost so many already. I pray for a cure.

  6. I can not say how much I truly wish that the tobacco industry would be more open and transparent about the dangers of their products. Hopefully as smoking rates decline studies like this one regarding lung cancer will become less and less necessary.

  7. That’s really interesting. If the research gets replicated and shows to be reliable, a 20% reduction in mortality is hugely significant.

  8. we need to quit smoking and make this world a better place to live

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