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Mackall discusses the promises and challenges of pediatric cancer research

Crystal Mackall, M.D., from the Pediatric Oncology Branch in NCI’s Center for Cancer Research, discusses research into pediatric cancers: how they differ from adult cancers, unique challenges, and the importance of pursuing these rarer malignancies.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options

chemotherapy drugs in vials

Colorectal cancer mortality rates have been declining in the last decade. Along with screening, advances in colorectal cancer treatment have played a pivotal role in reducing mortality rates. Surgery, traditional chemotherapy and newer targeted therapies have been important tools in treating this disease.

Translational Science: Bridging the Gap

Diagram of arteriole and cells

Scientific discoveries typically begin at the bench, with basic research through the study of diseases at a molecular or cellular level, then progress to the clinical level, or the patient’s bedside. Scientists are increasingly aware that this bench-to-bedside approach to translational research is actually a two-way street. Basic scientists provide clinicians with new tools for use in patients and for assessment of their impact, while clinical researchers make novel observations about the nature and progression of disease and gather biospecimens that are necessary to fuel the next generation of basic investigations.